It’s great to follow Jesus Christ

First a little about me. I am a follower of Jesus Christ and that is probably the most important thing you need to know about me. I have committed myself to live in obedience to him (that’s what it means to call him Lord) and I have found that with Jesus, there is a fullness of life that allows me to love others without having to use them to fill the hole in my life. I’ve been married for 35 years, and my wife, Connie continues to be my joy and my love. I’m a Pastor and I’ve served at the same church (which Connie and I started) for 32 years. It’s pretty cool growing up with the same church because I’ve been able to see God working in children, watching them grow up to be young adults, and now seeing God work in their children. Part of why I’m doing this blog is to help others understand the Christian Faith so if you have questions, feel free to put them in the comments box and it will be fun to have a dialog.

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